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Zanzibar Luxury Properties 

  • What makes Zanzibar Luxury Properties a standout choice?
    At Zanzibar Luxury Properties we have confidence in our professional approach and here’s why people love working with us: Clear and Honest Our communications are clear as well as our fees, with no hidden costs! Trustworthy Trust is the heartbeat of our service. What distinguishes us is our commitment to honesty and ethical practices throughout all the process. Navigating the real estate landscape necessitates a trustworthy partner, and we pride ourselves on being that reliable ally. Competitive Commission Rates and No Exclusivity Explore the advantage of leveraging our competitive commission rates, tailored to optimise your returns from the sale of your property. We take pride in standing out from the competition by upholding a principle of freedom in our approach. Unlike others, we don't insist on an exclusivity agreement, giving you the flexibility to explore various avenues for selling your property. Our commission is a testament to our confidence in delivering results. You only incur in this fee when one of your clients successfully purchases your property! It's a commitment to transparency and a partnership that thrives on mutual benefit, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. Multilingual We speak English, Italian, and French! Financial Knowledge Our joint founder has over 20 years of investment experience in Europe. Great connections and green thumbs We've built strong connections in Zanzibar, covering almost everything you might need on this island, and we're more than willing to share those contacts with you. Plus, we're personally engaged in farming and permaculture practices, and we'd be more than happy to share our experience or contacts. Feel free to reach out to us. ​ Community Love We share a significant percentage of our commissions with our local agents. This is just one of our ways of making a positive impact on the local community at no extra cost to our clients.
  • Can foreigners own properties in Zanzibar?
    Following the Land Tenure Act of 1992, outright ownership of land in Zanzibar is not permitted. However, the Act does provide the avenue to acquire "Leasehold rights" ( typically a 33-year lease renewable up to 99 years). ​ This leasehold arrangement gives the buyer significant rights and benefits similar to owning the property. At Zanzibar Luxury Properties we strongly advise you to consult accredited real estate professionals and engage a reputable lawyer before finalising any transaction. While the regulatory landscape is subject to change, and we consistently recommend consulting with a trusted legal expert it’s worth noting that the leasehold rights can be granted in the following scenarios: Retirees desiring to reside in Zanzibar; Business projects approved by the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA); Tanzanian/Zanzibari citizens, or individuals married to them; For non-retirees private entities, the leasehold acquisition is feasible through the Condominium Act No. 10 of 2010, allowing the purchase of unit(s) part of a condominium property project.
  • Can you provide some assurance regarding the property I'm interested in buying?
    All the properties in our listings have undergone thorough Due Diligence Reports. This ensures that the legal rights of the owners to claim and transfer ownership of their properties have been verified. It is important to note that the property buying process in Zanzibar may have specific requirements and regulations that differ from other locations. Working with local professionals, such as a real estate agent and lawyer, is highly recommended to navigate the process effectively and ensure compliance with local laws.
  • Who oversees the legal aspects?
    We strongly advise you to engage a third-party legal advocate to assist you with the legal aspects of the land transfer process. Our legal team conducts internal due diligence reports, prepares legal contracts, and facilitates the signing process. It's important to note that all costs related to the land transfer, including license/permit applications, stamp duty levies, transaction processing fees, and other associated expenses, are the responsibility of the buyer unless mutually agreed upon by all parties involved.
  • What is the Land Transfer Process in Zanzibar?
    The process for land transfer in Zanzibar involves several distinct steps, which may vary based on documentation, the geographical location of the property, and the intended use of the land. While the specific procedures can differ, a comprehensive overview of the general steps is outlined below: Step 1: Offer to Purchase (Duration: Usually 3 to 7 days) ​ The Buyer initiates the process by presenting an offer to purchase the identified property to the Seller All conditions and terms are outlined in the Offer to Purchase (OTP) prepared by the Real Estate Broker The Buyer formally signs the OTP The Seller responds with either acceptance, a counter-offer, or rejection Once the OTP is accepted, Step 2 takes place Step 2: Compensation Agreement (Duration: 1 to 2 weeks) The seller accepts the buyer's offer The lawyer involved in the transaction drafts the Sale/Compensation Agreement, aligning it with the terms established in the OTP Both the Seller and Buyer sign the Sale/Compensation Agreement The Buyer provides evidence of funds to the Seller, confirming an amount no less than the agreed-upon selling price If negotiated during the process, the Buyer pays a deposit (typically amounting to 10-15% of the final selling price) Step 3: Land Transfer Process (Duration: 4-6 months) ​ Submission of Land Transfer Application Form to the Sheha Council Sheha Council reviews and submits the form to the District Commissioner (DC). DC conducts a comprehensive review, performs a site inspection, and grants approval for the application The DC forwards the form to the Land Commission (LC) for further review. The LC secretariat conducts an inspection of the property, and the Board deliberates on the application, finalising its decision The Transfer approval letter get issued by the Board The Buyer pays any balance due to the Seller Step 4: Land Lease Issuance (Duration: 4-12 months) ​ The Buyer submits an Investment Plan along with a ZIPA certificate /Business licence and a commitment letter (in the scenarios that requires so) The LC issues an approval letter, specifying Transfer taxes and Government bills to be paid The Buyer pays to the Seller the balance, which amount should total the selling price less the deposit already paid The Land Ministry reviews the application and conduct a site visit The Land Lease Agreement is issued The Lease Tenure will depend on the project and the type of land use It is important to note that the durations provided for each step are approximate and may vary based on specific circumstances and regulatory requirements.
  • What document do I need to present if I want to list my property with Zanzibar Luxury Properties?
    To list your property with us you'll need to provide us with the following documents: 1.Property Title Deed First up, you’ll need to have your property title deed in order (such as Land Lease or Certificate of Land Transfer) This proves you're the legal owner of the property you wish to sell! 2. Property Site Plan A Site plan is a detailed drawing or map that illustrates the layout of a property and its surroundings. A Valid Site Plan is usually stamped and signed by the land department and indicates the type of survey conducted. 3. Identification documents Don't forget your ID! Provide a copy of government-issued identification of the property owners for verification purposes (e.g. passport, driving licence etc etc) 4. Company Memorandum of Association If the ownership of the property is under a company, we require evidence of the majority shareholding. An ideal document for verifying such details is the memorandum of association. 5. Photos & Videos High-quality photos and videos! Showcase your property in the best light possible! If you don't have high-quality images, worry not – we can visit your property and expertly capture its beauty for you! 6. ZIPA Approval (for applicable cases only) If your project has received approval from ZIPA, you can present documentation as evidence. Selling a property with an already approved ZIPA project could potentially enhance its value. 7. Licences ( for applicable cases only) If the property you wish to sell already holds operational licenses, (such as for food and beverage) kindly submit the necessary documentation. This could add significant value to the property during the sales process.
  • How does Zanzibar Luxury Properties determine the selling price of my property?
    At Zanzibar Luxury Properties, we believe in empowering our sellers. We understand that every property is unique, and the selling price should reflect its individual value. That's why we leave the pricing decision entirely up to you, the seller. We can provide valuable insights into market trends and data related to properties of similar size and location in the area to help you make an informed decision. Our goal is to support you in achieving the best possible outcome for your property sale.
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